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One week tours.

We invite you to explore any of our three routes, a week of birds, beautiful landscapes and picturesque villages. During our North & West Honduras tour you can admire the supreme biodiversity of our tropical rainforests, our pristine white sand beaches and turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea, and the enigmatic and beautiful Ruins of Copán, considered by many to be the Athens of the Mayan world. In Enchanted South you can discover and live the Honduran folklore with its traditions that come from the colonial era, beaches of volcanic sands and places where pirates and buccaneers buried their treasures. Finally on our route to the only natural lake in Honduras, the Lake Yojoa Basin you can discover a wealth of almost 450 species of birds, more than half of the birds of Honduras.

North & West Honduras

Enchanted South

Lake Yojoa Basin

Custom Tours

We offer tailor-made tours according to your demands (birds in particular, photo tours, nature and archeology). The minimum time is one week and can be extended to 15 days, depending on the time frame that you have and the target birds you wish to observe. Please contact us for more information.