Enchanted South


The Enchanted South of Honduras is rich in popular folklore. The tales and legends include La Sucia, La Llorona, La Siguanaba, El Sisimite (the Honduran Big Foot), El Cadejo, El Duende (The Gnome) and La Lechuza (the Owl messenger of death). The tales says that when La Lechuza sings an indian dies, therefore owls where burnt alive because of the belief that they where witches.

The beaches of the Pacific Gulf Coast are made of black volcanic sand and rocks. La Isla del Tigre (Tiger Island) named after the fiery Francis Drake and his bucaneers, is located in the Gulf of Fonseca and is an extinct volcano, part of the Pacific’s Ring of Fire. Here you can appreciate the most beautiful and intense sunsets in Honduras.

The Enchanted South counts with several birding hotspots with different ecosystems around the region, like: deciduous broadleaf forests, mangrove estuaries, plains, dry pine-oak forest and permanent and seasonal wetlands. There are two departments in this region, Choluteca & Valle.

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