North-West Honduras


This tour was made for first time visitors, because it gives the overall feeling of what Honduras is all about: In western Honduras you will have a personal encounter with Maya pre-columbian culture in Copan Ruins. Then you’ll navigate in the North Coast across the Caribbean Sea in Tela Bay and snorkel in Punta Sal National Park; Ride “La Burra” towards the wildlife refuge of Cuero y Salado, then boat ride through the mangroves and river mouths; sleeping over in Rio Santiago, the hummingbird capital of Honduras.

Finally we will be arriving at Lake Yojoa Basin, the most accessible species-rich area in Honduras, from where we will be visiting several interesting sites like the Panacam – Cerro Azul Meambar National Park, Taulabe Caves; finishing with an early boat ride around the lake. We will drive for around 800 kilometers round trip through 5 departments of the western highlands, Caribbean coast and the Lake Yojoa Basin.

In this 7 day tour we will be staying in 4 different destinations: Caribbean city of Tela, Rio Santiago Nature Resort, Copan Ruins and Honduyate at Lake Yojoa. Following you will be able to see the accommodation reserved for you, as well as the complete itinerary and other information for this one week tour.

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